Program : Overview  

Outdoor fitness. Bootcamp style. Good and gritty. 
(The anti-gym.)

When you come down to it, there are all kinds of ways to get fit. Some people like gyms. Some run alone. Some do yoga or Pilates. Great. But hereís why we think ours is a better idea: thereís incredible power in going after your individual goals within a group that not only supports you but does you the favor of holding you accountable. 

At X-Team, youíll get a no-excuses-allowed, all-angles-covered fitness program. Itís tough. Intense. Motivating. Fun. And encouraging. Itís also coed (guys and girls welcome), inclusive (all ages and fitness levels) and convenient (a.m. and p.m. sessions.)  

You see whatís happening here, donít you? Youíre fast running out of excuses. Join X-Team Fitness and start achieving your goals today.

What:Indoor/Outdoor fitness adventure
When:2 classes daily Mon - Fri, 6:00AM and 6:00PM, and Saturday, 7:30AM
Where:Each day is a different location in the Richmond area to keep workout fun
Who:Open to men and women 18 and older, all fitness levels
Price:Multiple sign up options and price plans
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