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10.21.15 | Have questions? Get a quick overview here.

Are you interested in joining us? Do you have some questions? Here's a list of questions we frequently hear and a quick overview of our program.

Where are you located and where do the sessions take place?
We are an indoor/outdoor program. We have an 8,000 square foot indoor facility located in Scott's Addition, just off the Boulevard. We also have about 15 outdoor locations around the central part of Richmond. Each day is in a different location. The workout moves from place to place throughout the week. This provides a tremendous amount of variety. No two workouts are ever the same. With our indoor location we are able to focus more on strength and conditioning, using a variety of weights and other objects -- tires, ropes, kettlebells, balls, sandbags, and more. Being outdoors allows us to travel and have lots of adventures and focus on bodyweight and functional movement exercises. Together it's a powerful and unique combination, unlike any other program in the area.

What are the locations you use?
Locations and areas include Belle Isle, Bryan Park, Byrd Park, Dogwood Dell, Maymont Park, U of R, Reedy Creek, Forest Hill, Robious Landing, Libby Hill, Pony Pasture and St. Christopher's.

These locations are mostly in the central part of town and for most people are within a 10-15 minute drive.

Are the workouts indoors or outdoors?
Both. Either/or. You take your pick. Some people like to be in, some like to be out. You get to decide the combo that fits your style. But just know, this is not a typical gym experience. In fact it's unlike anyting most people have experienced. All workouts are instructor-led. It's like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

What about when it rains or snows or it's cold?
We dress appropriately for the weather. We will teach you how to dress so that you are comfortable and can enjoy the workouts. With the right gear you can do anything and there's no reason to be uncomfortable.

How often do you do this?
6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. Our regular workouts are Monday through Friday and we offer a run-only workout and a stretch/yoga class on Saturday mornings.

If I sign up do I need to come everyday?
We strongly encourage it. In order to get the benefit you need to be here. We have a structured program designed to give you the right balance over the 5 day period. We recommend light activity over the weekend with plenty of rest.

When are the sessions?
We have 2 sessions daily -- one at 6:00 AM and one at 6:00 PM. Each session lasts for one hour. We start precisely on time and end precisely on time. For those who need to hurry off to work, we make sure you get out in time.

Can I switch between the sessions?
Yes. You can alternate between AM and PM sessions if you want.

What are the workouts like?
We're in constant motion for 60 minutes. We do exercises, hundreds of varieties so it never gets boring. Examples? Intervals, cross training, weight training, plyometrics, speed training, distance running, team building, and every kind of calisthenic, pushup, situp and pull up there is. We work every muscle from every angle.

You will do much, much more with us than you would ever do on your own. And we'll have fun doing it. You will be with a group of enthusiastic people who will cheer you on to do your best and will support you along the way.

What if I am really out of shape or really overweight?
You need to start somewhere and you need a program that is effective. In this program you go at your pace. Everyone is at a different level. You will be pushed and encouraged to do more but never more than you can handle. Most people improve quickly and you will soon find yourself doing much more. As you improve the program scales with you. Everyone, regardless of fitness level or speed gets what they need from the workouts.

Will I get yelled at?
Never. No one will get in your face, insult you, demean you or demoralize you. We believe a postive environment is the best way to get postive results. You will be encouraged to do more but not in a negative way.

What if there are exercises I'm not ready for?
We'll give you alternate exercises until you're ready for more advanced ones. Before you start the workouts with us we will do a thorough assesment with you to find out what physical limitations you may have and, like a personal trainer would, we'll work with you to get you in the best shape.

What type of assessment do you do?
Before you start the workouts we have you come to an orientation and assessment session on Sunday afternoon. We take a medical history, do measurements, calculate body fat percentage and composition, do metabolic testing, discuss your fitness goals and nutrition and more. We let you know where to be and what to expect.

Are the classes coed?
Yes, men and women workout together. Right now the classes seem to be about 60% female to 40% male, but it's generally a fairly even mix.

How many people are in each group?
It depends on what we have planned for the day but we always try to keep the groups small and agile so we can move quickly and accomplish more. We generally keep the groups at about 20 people but sometimes the entire group is working together and sometimes we're in smaller groups to focus on different things. And we subdivide the groups based on fitness levels to keep everyone moving efficiently. 

How do I get started?
Register on our website so we know who you are and know that you're coming. We will then contact you and setup the assessment session to get you ready for the workout. Click on the "schedule" tab to see the list of classes and to register.