Program: Instructors

Experienced fitness professionals.

When it comes to getting you into top physical shape, the right instructors make all the difference. That's why ours are experienced fitness professionals who have spent countless hours studying how the body works and what exercises maximize performance.

We go to great lengths to keep our workouts safe, yet action-packed and intense. We carefully plan each to ensure that all body parts get the exercise they need, in the right order, for a comprehensive workout.

Just tell us what your goals are. We'll help you to meet or exceed them, with measurable results.

"I had almost given up on myself. Over the past 6-7 years I had gained a lot of weight, gotten really out of shape and was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. I had tried several times to get motivated to get back into shape but kept failing. The constant encouragement of my X-Team teammates helped me stay motivated, quit smoking and see unbelievable results in only 6 weeks. The change in my appearance and health has been noticeable by nearly everyone and I am happier than I think I have  . . . more