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"I am currently training with a half marathon training team for the Patrick Henry Half Marathon. X-Team has built up my stamina so much that I no longer feel challenged with this training team. The runs we do are long and thanks to X-Team, I'm usually leading the pack (ahead of the coaches!) While the training has helped to build my cardio, I know I can look to X-Team for a real challenge! Thanks for your committment to our health! X-Team has really inspired me to challenge myself in everything I do, not just working out! I eat better and feel better. Even if I don't go to the workouts, I find myself desperate for activity or exercise because I don't want to dissapoint myself the next time I go to X-Team! Thank you for always pushing us to work harder, run faster, and get "DOWN!" on the pushups. Thanks for always presenting a challenge. You're awesome!"
Ashley Lipscomb, 21, student, VCU
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