Program : Testimonials

"As I approach my 62nd birthday, itís hard to put into words the positive impact X-Team Fitness has had on my life. I believe each workout is as important to my success as any other appointment I have during my business day. Iím drawn to the outdoor workouts, uncertain weather, variety of exercises and physical challenges that come with each workout.

Irrespective of oneís physical level, each workout is a positive experience because of the encouragement you hear from your fitness partners, and it pushes you to go far beyond what you ever thought you could do on your own. My rewards exceed the super energy I enjoy in my daily work.  The best investment you can make in your life is in your health and fitness. My investment in X-Team Fitness continues to pay me big dividends even while the economy and stock market falters."

Bob Ramsey, 62, Management Consultant
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