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09.12.21 | Introducing the 33-day Back to School Cash Reward Fitness Challenge


This is a CASH REWARD fitness challenge where a winning team of 4 will win hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars

How it works:

We will create teams of 4 people (you can pick your teammates or we can assign for you)

Teams will collect points for working out, losing weight, shredding fat, and eating healthy.

All entry fees will be thrown into a pot and the winning team splits half the pot!

This 30-Day Challenge will include:

- Unlimited workouts
- Healthy Eating Plan
- Small group accountability team
- Weigh Ins with Body Fat Percentage Measurements

Entry fee is only $199.00 for the first 20 to sign up. After that the price goes to $249, so don't hesitate.

Weíre looking to have at least 10 teams of 4 (making the grand prize at least $4,000 to the winning team!)

The second place team will get their entry fee refunded

The third place team wins X-Team workout gear

Donít worry, if you donít have a team of 4 we will put you on one!

Challenge will start on Monday September 20 and go until Friday October 22.

You must do an initial assessment to start (Sat/Sun options) and a final assessment at the end (Sat/Sun options) to qualify.

So if you . . .

-- Slipped up on your diet and the pants are fitting a little tight . . .

-- Drank a few more calories than planned and the body feels tired . . . this one's for you

If you . . .

-- Have a couple extra hours now that the kids are back at school (no more excuses)

-- Are ready to shake off those extra pounds and shred FAST

. . . then you are the exact person we created this jumpstart program for.

Registering is super easy. Sign up now.

This can be a defining moment for you.

Hope to see you rise to the Challenge and jumpstart a new you!