Location: Richmond VA
Job Title: Membership Manager
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X-Team Fitness is hiring a FULL-TIME or PART-TIME Membership Services Manager who is responsible for providing personalized attention to our members and maintains and manages the members' accounts and records. 

Required Skills:

  • Exceptional organizational and communication skills 
  • 3-5 years bookkeeping/accounting experience 
  • Experience in the fitness industry a plus.
  • Personal, outgoing and motivating personality and the ability to work well with people.
  • Proficiency in basic office computer software, including MS Word, Excel, Facebook and Twitter 
  • Ability to remain flexible in order to adapt to changing work environments. Ability to study and apply new information.
  • Exhibit a professional and polite appearance and demeanor.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Register and orient new members
  • Process all intake data including physical measurements and test scores
  • Manage membership database
  • Manage membership dues
  • Provide email and phone assistance to members

Passionate, positive, focused and driven.

Application process:
You must fill in the required information and submit a resume prior to contacting us by phone or prior to any interview or evaluation.