Location: Richmond VA
Job Title: Social Media Specialist
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X-Team Fitness is hiring a PART-TIME Social Media Specialist who will manage X-Team’s social media calendar, coordinating and creating posts, with the goals of growing our audiences and generating new revenue.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Working alongside X-Team management to determine strategy for the organization’s existing social media channels, along with future opportunities as they arise.
  • Engaging and interacting with members and prospects through daily social media conversations, and responding to questions or concerns.
  • Collaborating with marketing partnerships, membership sales and marketing departments to incorporate sponsor messaging, membership offers and event announcements into social channels.
  • Covering program workouts and events, by posting live updates, photos, video and blogs.
  • Developing and executing geo-location promotions (i.e. Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla).
  • Moderating message boards, member comments and user-generated content.
  • Managing relationships with third-party vendors to implement new social media tools.
  • Recruiting members to serve as “social media ambassadors” to assist in monitoring and moderating.
  • Developing initiatives on how best to utilize social media, and sharing best practices.

The Social Media Specialist will have earned a minimum of an undergraduate college degree, and possess one to two years of related experience managing social media. The ideal candidate will demonstrate an expert knowledge of Facebook, Twitter and geo-location services. Experience with reporting, digital photography and video a plus.

Application process:
You must fill in the required information and submit a resume prior to contacting us by phone or prior to any interview or evaluation.