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"After going to my first X-Team workout, I was sure that I wouldn't have time to do both that and train for my first marathon but I stuck with it because of the great teamwork and encouragement that was a part of every class. After about six weeks of classes, I've found that my running has gotten much stronger as a result of my X-Team workouts. I recover from my runs much faster and am in the best total body shape I've ever been in.

Also, being new to the Richmond area, one of the biggest benefits of X-Team is that it has allowed me to see the whole city up close and personal. Who knows if I would have ever visited Belle Isle or Reedy Creek (two of my favorite running places in the city now) if not for our workouts there. I can honestly say that throughout the work day I look forward to nothing more than going to X-Team!"

Taylor Snow, 25, Teacher, Moody Middle
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