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"7 weeks ago I joined X-Team without knowing what to expect. What I did know was that I was slowing killing myself with drinking. I think I had become bored at life's daily routine. My husband joked that I needed to seek out a group. I think in his mind he meant AA but in my mind that was unacceptable. I wasn't a drunk, I was just a little lost. Lost until I found X-Team that is! The last few weeks have given me a purpose and a reason to put down all those bottles and pick up the weights (and the sit- up and the push up and the squats . . . I  could go on and on!). Truly though, X-Team and all the supportive people I see each morning are amazing and I couldnt have asked for a better "meeting" than this. If anyone is in a similar place or knows someone who is, bring them out! Introduce them to us. You guys have changed my life and for that I simply say "Thank You".
Heather Lambert
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